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What are your limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs: we all have them. They start with words like “I can’t…,” “I’m too much…,” “I’m not ___ enough….” They can be as blunt as “Good things never happen to me,” or as insidious as “That kind of happiness just isn’t for me.”

Sometimes these beliefs go way down to our core. They can seem very real and very entrenched. In fact, most of the time we’re not even really aware that we have them, because they are so much a part of us and how we see ourselves.

The good news is, no matter how deeply rooted they are, they can be changed. The first thing might be the hardest, which is to become aware of our limiting beliefs. Have a think now and ask yourself, “what beliefs do I hold about myself that are holding me back?

Now the fun starts. This is when we start to challenge the beliefs. If you can, think hard about how this belief is actually false. Maybe it grew up to protect you when you were young, but now you are an adult and can cope better with life, and you don’t need that belief anymore. Something that helps some people is to think about the fact that the people who told you those negative things didn’t have your best interest at heart. So why listen to them?

The next thing is to actually act as though the belief isn’t true, even if you think it is. It’s playacting with a purpose, to start brainwashing yourself into a more positive and constructive belief. You may need to call upon the previous step a lot when you start to do this.

The most important thing, even if you find the previous two steps tricky, is to accumulate evidence that the belief is false and your more constructive belief is actually true. Think you’re not as good as other people? Look around. Do you have friends? Why do they like being with you? How do you think they feel when they are with you? If you’re honest about your answers, you’ll probably find that the limiting beliefs don’t hold water and that in fact you are a perfectly likeable human being.

Give these steps a try, and let me know how you do! Remember, pretty much everyone has these beliefs, so as much as you may feel alone with them, you really aren’t. They’re a natural part of being human. The key is knowing when they’re not serving us anymore, and knowing how to overcome them.

Get rid of unnecessary limits!

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