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      Join our intrepid family of four as they crisscross the globe, encountering crocodiles, Pyramids, tear gas and blackouts all while trying to maintain some semblance of a normal family life. Learn how to shoot a gun for your birthday and combat cabin fever during a coup d’état; get stuck in some awkward, muddy situations and experience the joy of friendships made across cultural lines. Get a sense of the real lives behind the headlines, and ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances.

      Carey McIntosh, a veteran of 25 years lived across Europe and Africa, leads you on a journey of adventure and everyday life in some of the world’s lesser-visited countries. With a keen eye for detail and a capacity to make friends with just about anybody, McIntosh is the perfect guide to the trials, triumphs and sillinesses that make up a life lived overseas.

      McIntosh goes from snow to Sahel, meets small farmers and cabinet ministers, and ultimately learns that the greatest value of all is a sense of community.

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