After growing up and going to college in California, I left the US to go study "for a year or two" in Germany. That was the beginning of 25 years overseas. I lived in Bosnia, Burkina Faso, Germany, Kenya, Kosovo, Rwanda, Serbia, the UK and Zambia, and I traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe and Southern Africa. I was a wife and a mom, and I worked for the US Embassy and a large US-based NGO. 

       It was all working great, until it wasn't. I was stressed, felt trapped in a job that had me doubting myself, and was locked in some coping strategies that weren't doing me any favors. 

       All of which is to say, I've been there. And I also know how much better it feels to break out of those negative spaces and finally breathe again. Change is possible. I've dug deep and taken a hard look at myself, and have used what I've learned to create a life better than I ever imagined. With a little time and honesty, you can do it, too.